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HAR Cables

Rubber Insulated Cables

These harmonized, flexible Power & Control Class 5 conductor cables are suitable for fresh or seawater and are resistant to spray oil and acids. Suitable for dry, damp, and wet spaces, for instance agricultural premises and spaces with fire hazards. The cables have cross-sections upwards of 1.5 mm2 that are permitted on explosion hazard premises. These cables are typically used in all kinds of mobile machinery and handheld electronic equipment, on construction site vehicles, in wind turbines, generators, pumps, battery connections, drilling equipment, for welding, in cranes and conveyors, and for small boats and ship wiring.
Rubber Insulated Cables

Cable Design

  • Conductor: Flexible circular plain or tinned copper, class 5, according to EN 60228
  • Temperature:
    - 60°C in normal duty
    - 85°C maximum, 200°C in short circuit
  • Insulation:
    - Elastomer (optional separator tape)
    - Cores identification: Black cores numbered 1 to N
         Type A with 1 green/yellow core
         Type B without green/yellow
  • Outer Sheath: BLACK color polychloroprene or equivalent synthetic elastomer

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